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New video page design
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Welcome to your overview of the new video page design! Wonder what has changed or where your favorite features are now located? Here is a quick guided tour for you.

Video page highlights

video page redesign overview

  • (1) Username , Subscribe button, and "More from User"
  • (2) Video description (+ tags etc.)
  • (3) Ratings, Favorites / Playlists, and Share options
  • (4) Data and Statistics from Insight
  • (5) Video Response
  • (6) Video Comments
  • (7) Respond, rate, and flag comments
  • (8) Next in series / Up Next Queue
  • (9) Add to Queue (new version of Quicklist)
  • (10) Account options

For a quick visual summary of what's changed and what's new, read on below.
If you'd like a more "in depth look" at the page's redesign, please visit the following Help Center page.

Where did it go?

  • Uploader username and subscribe button

    These are now located above the video

    username, subscription, and more from user options

  • "More from User"

    We've also added a "More Videos" module to the top of the page (above the video) which contains a list of your videos sorted by recency.

  • Video description and information

    The video’s description and tags are now located below the video. You’ll see a summary by default, and if you want to see more you can click on the expand button expand collapse button and view the entire video description.

    video description and information below video
  • Ratings, Save to Favorites / Playlist, Sharing options

    These options are now located below the video.
    actions bar

    • (a) Ratings have been converted from the "Star system" to "Thumbs up"/"Thumbs down". If you like a video, click the "Thumbs up 'Like' button". This will not only give the video a positive rating, but will also add the video to your list of "Videos I like" for you to review later. If you don’t like the video, you can give it a negative rating by clicking the "Thumbs down button".

      like dislike buttons

      dislike options

      videos you like
    • (b) If you’d like to add the video to your favorites or a playlist, click the "Save to" button and select the list to which you’d like to add the video.

      playlists and favorites
    • (c) If you’d like to send the video through a private message or to another site (for example Facebook, Twitter, etc.) just click the "Share" button and select your preferred sharing option.

      share button

  • Insight and video statistics

    This is now located under the "Views" button (below the video on the right-hand-side). If you’d like to see the statistics and data from Insight, click the expand button expand collapse button. The window will expand and display this data.

    insight expanded
  • Video responses

    Wondering how to add a video response? Below the video you’ll see the comments section. If you go to add a comment, on the right-hand-side of the comment field an "Attach a video" button will appear. Here you can attach a video and post it as your video response.

    video response
  • Comments

    The field where you can enter comments is below the video and the actions bar (below "Like", "Save to", "Share" etc.).

    Comments now include new options to highlight particular aspects of the discussion around the video including:

    • "Uploader comments"
    • "Highest rated comments"
    • "Most recent comments"

    If you’d like to respond / rate / or flag a comment you can hover / mouse over the comment and various options will appear. Select the option you’d like to take by clicking the icon.

    We're also now supporting some of the new message conventions emerging on the Web, including @ tags for messages directed at a specific user.

    Comment options:
    comment categories

    Rate comments:
    comment options

  • Quicklists

    Instead of adding a video to a Quicklist, you now add videos to your "Up Next Queue". The "Up Next Section" is over on the right-hand-side of the page. If you mouse / hover over a video thumbnail in the "Up Next" section, a button will appear on the video thumbnail. When you click the button the video will be added to your "Up Next" Queue.

    next up button
  • Video URL

    To access the video's URL click the "Share" button (below the video player). When you click the "Share" button a section with sharing options will expand. In this section you'll see a field with the video's URL. Just copy the URL and then paste it on a blog, message, etc. to share the URL with others.

    video page URL in share section

What’s new?

  • “Up Next video queue”

    Videos for you to watch next will be listed on the right side of the page. This video queue is based on how you found the video. For example, if you arrived at a video through Search, the rest of the search results will follow you to the playback page so that continuing to browse (or view) them becomes seamless. You can also add videos to your "Up Next" queue to watch later- much as you would have done with a Quicklist.

    next up button

  • Ratings

    Ratings have changed from the Star system to a binary "Thumbs-Up ‘Like’" / "Thumbs-Down" system. Anything other than a 1- or 5-star rating is rarely used on YouTube, and so we moved towards a simpler "Like / Don't Like" model. Liking a video will save it to your “Videos I like” list.

    like dislike buttons

  • Comments

    Comments have a new highlights view which summarizes the best discussions and celebrates when creators communicate with their audiences.

    comment options

Last update: 11:49 PM Sunday, July 25, 2010

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